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May 2019
May 23 10:16
@nspaeth Just fill out Ramda you mean?
May 23 10:34
at this point someone else has probably filled it out already, but that's what i assume he was referring to
information on any FP library for javascript would be appreciated though
Fabien Bourgeois
May 23 12:19
@nspaeth could you share a list of contacted FP libraries ?
May 23 18:01
@Yakulu Sanctuary, Crocks, lodash (for lodash-fp), Ramda, folktale
@Yakulu There are a few other possibilities, but because I'm relatively new to fp, I'm not sure if they are comparable enough (Fluture, Immer, Immutable, monet, lazy, and Stream libraries such as RxJS, Most, xstream),
Oh, I forget to do fp-ts, but they don't have a gitter channel, so I'll have to contact them differently.
Fabien Bourgeois
May 23 20:10
@nspaeth Thanks. You have focused more on utility library than types or fantasy land implementations. Fair enough :)
Or mixed library (types + utility). There is also less known mojiscript I've found a few days ago.
Brad Compton (he/him)
May 23 20:43
That is an interesting project. It's like a JS based DSL with a code checker.