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Ilker Güller
Added new example URL : https://ran.now.sh/
Also I created better doc page : https://sly777.gitbooks.io/ran/
Ilker Güller
Now website is live: https://www.rantoolkit.com
Rishav Sharan
Hi. I just started with Nextjs. If it already based on React, what else does RAN brings on the react front?
Ilker Güller
hey @rishavs, Basically; RAN has offline support, store system based on redux, css-in-js style system with theme support via styled-components, graphql integration (between react-redux-apollo) on frontend side
Also; It has caching system, integrated security checks via helmet, authentication system and ,the most important one, CLI commands for creating, playing, analyzing...
Rishav Sharan
i'll keep a eye on your project. As i am completely new to the react ecosystem, i would for now go with nextjs
Ilker Güller
;) If you are beginner on this react + node.js topic, Next.js can be better solution for you
U need to have basic/intermediate knowledge on react for RAN to realise all features :)
Rishav Sharan
yeah. i thought so too. but i am very interested in what you are doing. best of luck
Is anyone working on making it compatible with firebase?
Ilker Güller
Hey @ananddayalan, I don't have any plan to make RAN compatible with firebase for now, unfortunately.
But, off course, It's welcome for contributors :)
Ilker Güller

RAN 0.8.0


Finally, New version of RAN is ready! In this release, Most important things are that we added type checking (with Flow) and shared environment variables. Also; we fixed some bugs and, as usual, updated packages.

Thanks to @talensjr, @baires, @evenchange4, @aarondancer and @mrsteele for all help!

🔥 Breaking Changes 🔥

  • Added Type checking with Flow (thanks to @talensjr). By the way, It's optional so if you don't use @flow flag on your any js files, It will not check.
  • Added Shared Environment Support (thanks to @mrsteele). That means you can share your environment variables between client and server. If you use public.env file before this update, please check your security because we are using public.env File for sharing variables. Please check the documentation for this.

Other Changes

  • Added Opencollective
  • Added .prettierrc
  • Fixes on documentation (thanks to @aarondancer and @baires)
  • Updated cache time bug (thanks to @evenchange4)
  • a lot of package updates (not major ones so these updates shouldn't break your system)

For details: https://github.com/Sly777/ran/releases/tag/0.8.0
Demo Page: https://ran.now.sh
For documentation: https://www.rantoolkit.com/

Pieter Venter
Hi, I just stumbled upon RAN
I've been using React, Apollo and Next for the past 8 months in a project and I am starting a new project today for a new client. I'd love to get some more info about this.
Ilker Güller
hey @cyrus-za! Sure I can try to help :)
Ariel Jakobovits
anyone here?
Ilker Güller
Hey @arieljake , how can I help?
RAN 0.8.1 - package updates, removed node.js 7 and added node.js 9 : https://github.com/Sly777/ran/releases/tag/0.8.1
Ilker Güller

RAN! 0.8.3

  • 🔥 Glitch support 🔥
    Just click this button to start with RAN!
    Remix on Glitch

  • set node.js 8 on engines setting (still works with node.js 9)

  • removed PM2 (but I added new command for this ✌️)
  • Updated documentation
  • Added prestart script to build the app before the start


More details: https://github.com/Sly777/ran/releases/tag/0.8.3
Demo Page: https://ran.now.sh
For documentation: https://www.rantoolkit.com

David Camilo Sánchez Mora
Hello All!
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Ilker Güller

RAN Version 0.8.5 is released!

  • Package updates
  • Static export bug fixes (thanks @davidsanchez96)
  • Flow & Next.js version conflict bug fixed
  • Updated URL props with new next.js router system


Miguel Angel Torres FP
Hi, is anybody there ?
Hi, thx Guller for the boilerplate, it looks great, BTW, it seems like there are branch for the 8.0.2 as well, any preset time for the release with 8.0.2? 8.0.2 looks quite promising.
Graphcool is kind of obsolete, any plan to migrate to apollo? Actually the server side code is super simple, I have written some. If needed, I can create a pull request and submit the code there.

Hello,try to create a local appollo server everything works but ti need to add custom types.

I added an AWSDateTime as part of the resolver but receive this error :

Error: Expected a value of type \"AWSDateTime\" but received: \"2019-05-09T19:54:36Z\"",

Any idea?

I added like:
const AWSDateTime = new GraphQLScalarType({
    name: 'AWSDateTime',
argg i missed a return statement :/ sorry bout that
Hey there. I am not sure if this is allowed. I am just looking through things. My name is Jess and I am trying to help anyone that is looking for a new project. If you or anyone you know is interested please DM me.
Hi, all!
Anyone who's willing to work for a Next.js project?