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    William Hetherington
    let me know if you have some more questions
    William Skates
    Is there a way to get a load balancer to talk to the destination over HTTPS so that I can use routing paths and have traffic encrypted to the container?
    @WillSkates, sorry I don't know the answer - I'm just as curious as you are ... would you like to explain the use-case for this?
    I need to change the proxy_buffer_size for the nginx ingress controller to fix a "upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream" error I am getting. Please can someone point me in the right direction of how to do this on Rancher2? Thanks
    I added the following annotation to fix the problem: nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/proxy-buffer-size=16k
    Using rancher, I'd like to setup a volume in the following style, do you know if it's possible:
    Daniel Lauzon
    Looking at backup instructions: https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/backups/. For a single node install, can I store this backup snapshot off the host?
    Willians Vivanco
    Hi, Docker recommended version 17.03.2 for Rancher deployment is not available anymore in Docker Xenial repos... Any suggestion?
    I can use a unsupported one, but i'm not clear about which one and it compatibility troubles
    Hey everyone, I am using rancher 2.0. I've a provisioned cluster with rancher amazon ec2.
    How to connect provisioned cluster connection with my local?
    It's saying Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
    Rancher is behind ALB with helm setup of rancher of --set tls=external
    Johan Smits

    Just a quick question, I just installed a HA version following: https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/installation/ha/kubernetes-rke/
    Now when I hit the website it says: default backend - 404 and when I tails the log of kubectl -n cattle-system logs -f rancher-6dc68bb996-cp6lv it says:

    2018/10/30 20:13:54 [ERROR] ClusterController local [cluster-deploy] failed with : waiting for server-url setting to be set

    I did not see in the tutorial how to fix this, any pointers on setting the server-url?

    Te-jé Rodgers
    Is this the right place for some Rancher 2.0 assistance?
    Hi, Need an example documentation for ruby on rails setup on AWS eks kubernetes with CI/CD using rancher
    does anyone know how to make rancher ingress controller be ssl terminating endpoint and point to service port
    I'd just like to point it to service with port N and have rancher put ssl in front
    I've tried using ingress from UI
    tried modifying rancher default ingress controller to point to backend service
    tried deploying ingress controller from helm but none seem straight forward things
    any tips?
    I've loaded it with custom wildcard certificate
    Diogo Marcelo
    Hi all guys
    im getting some trouble with rancher and gitlab, anyone can help me?
    Eugenio Romano
    HI guys I am using with terraform the rancher provider https://github.com/rancher/terraform-provider-rancher2 to create a cluster on eks but i don't see any way to specify a name for the cluster https://github.com/rancher/terraform-provider-rancher2/blob/1cafc314d1fa856bd192269d2f87f4c17b85906d/website/docs/r/cluster.html.markdown . Can someone help me with it?
    @eromano Looking at the post frequence here - I guess you will get faster replies on Slack channel
    Is there a chat for K3s aswell?
    @kingdevnl Yes in Slack
    So ive deployed rancher
    And a app true gitlab, But when i access the url of the deployment it loads the rancher page
    Could be related that under the kubernetes settings in gitlab that it ain't getting an url?
    Pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims
    Wouter Van Vlaenderen
    I am trying to connect a fresh rancher2 to gitlab kubernetes and get auth issues. Someone available who did the same and was successful?
    Anyone to point me how to quickstart rancher via vagrant behind proxy corporate?
    it seems not compatible with vagrant-proxyconf
    hy guys
    i'm installink k8s cluster using rancher
    when deploy cluster using node template i recevie this error :
    ` NodeController c-6rjp4/m-qz255 [node-controller] failed with : Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: Expected HTTP response code [201 202] when accessing [POST https://auth.cloud.ovh.net/v3/auth/tokens], but got 401 instead`
    any help ??
    someone knows something like canary inside the rancher 2.x ?
    David L. Whitehurst
    Can someone tell me how to find the endpoint for my gateway app that’s running now in Rancher? I have all my containers running and my gateway (React app) is 8085:8080 and Rancher itself is 8080 so that’s why I set to 8085. Well, the port tab IP and port doesn’t work and the other IP is the rancher machine I just built on DigitalOcean to run all this stuff
    David L. Whitehurst
    using Rancher docker on a 2GB droplet at Digital Ocean. I can create a 8GB droplet host but the process (provisioning) doesn’t seem to end on the 2GB droplet (Rancher docker UI). Is my droplet for Rancher docker too small? I get an error about waiting to register with Docker. The host creates on Digital Ocean but haven’t checked the overall status because Rancher UI fails
    Gavin Hu
    There is a way to stop java container gracefully?
    Johan Hernefeldt
    Is there any way to choose a node, by a label or other means, when adding an ingress?
    I cant see the option anywhere (using rancher 2.2.8)
    Hello everyone, how can I recover the "config" file from each of my masters? Yesterday I was doing a test and by killing the rancher server (no volumes created) the kubernetes cluster is still running, but I can't upload another instance of rancher server and add the cluster back to it because I don't have access to config to use kubectl on nodes
    Simon Kamenetskiy
    Hey. Does anyone know if I can upgrade service or do a applyYamlConfig to another project (within rancher) using rancher pipelines? Couldn't find anything like that in the docs...
    Micha Hobert
    Hi there - I am a little confused. Before Rancher 2.x I used "rancher rm --type "stack" "$STACK" --insecure-skip-tls-verify" to load an Image created in a Gitlab CI. How is this possible with the new CLI - there is only apps and catalogs and the docs are pretty "empty" -> https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/cli/
    Micha Hobert
    using the old CLI maxes out the Gitlab log and everything crashed...