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Repo info
    David M. Carr
    Does issue integration work? #265
    Dmitrii Volykhin
    Hi all! Does exists any ratpack handlebars example?
    Denys Slipetskyy
    @volyx I can think of only ratpack-handlebars tests ... but it would be nice to have some non trivial example
    Peter Jurkovic
    Hi everyone, is possible to have "hot deploy" also for ratpack-java apps? (ignoring gradle's --continuous mode)
    Kirill Tolkachev
    Hi all!
    Can i read body multiple times? For logging
    For example:
          all(RequestLogger.of { ctx ->
            def request = ctx.request
            println request.uri + ' |' + '-'*100
            request.headers.asMultiValueMap().each {
              println "$it.key = $it.value"
            println ''
            request.body.map {
              println "Body: ${it.text}"
            }.then {
              println '-'*(100+ request.uri.length())
    Fosso Arcel
    Please can anyone recommend to me any resource that teaches ratpack for someone with little web development background?
    like a recipe book? or an "app driven approach" kind of resource?
    I already tried reading the book "Learning Ratpack" but it sounded more suitable with someone who has already tried building web backends with other frameworks and/or libraries.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    SRE CloudNative
    Hi folks
    I am looking for building up an ratpack aggressive service using restful API
    I am completely new to this asynchronous service world stuff
    Appreciate your help
    Pedro Alvarado
    Hello, I could use some help in handling decompression of gzip(Content-Encoding: gzip) requests. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Pierre Carrier
    can I convert a CompletableFuture to a ratpack.Promise?
    Kashif Hamad
    Hi is this channel active?