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May 2016
elf Pavlik
May 01 2016 15:59
@RubenVerborgh do you think this would work to assert that IRI does denote a Graph?
@prefix sd: <> .

<> a sd:Graph .
Sandro Hawke
May 01 2016 16:01
 sd:Graph a rdfs:Class ;
    rdfs:label "Graph" ;
    rdfs:comment "An instance of sd:Graph represents the description of an RDF graph." .
That doesn't sound like a Graph to me.
(and of course, do you mean a gbox or a gsnap?)
            <void:triples rdf:datatype="">100</void:triples>
the example in the spec, does make it look like sd:Graph is at least a gbox, which is what lots of people think when they say graph, if they're not concerned about being pedantically correct.
elf Pavlik
May 01 2016 16:39

@sandhawke which meaning of graph in your opinion this note uses?

the graph name is not required to denote the graph

since one can't assume that IRI does denote the graph, i thought one could assert it somehow
Sandro Hawke
May 01 2016 16:41
Pedantically it's g-snap, HOWEVER since you're probably thinking of datasets that aren't actually datasets but instead might change over time, the "graphs" become g-boxes when you do that.
I recommend simply asserting that in running code. Assume it does. It's a bug in the specs/process that it doesn't.
elf Pavlik
May 01 2016 16:48
I like this diagram
Actually I need versioning of resources and so far only seen @RubenVerborgh's implementation of Memento in