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Jun 2018
Thomas Bergwinkl
Jun 14 2018 13:01
we have a problem with the server and jsonld content handling @ericprud can you help?
Sarven Capadisli
Jun 14 2018 15:39
"breaks JS libraries"? Maybe the code should work around potential problems instead of halting ;)
Irrespective of the 500 being looked into.
Thomas Bergwinkl
Jun 14 2018 18:59
not so easy to work around a missing context to expand a jsonld file...
Austin Wright
Jun 14 2018 23:05
Hehe, depends on what kind of breakage we're talking about. If you mean "can't access data", yeah, that's a problem
If you mean "rampages and tries to start WW3", that might be more of a problem
@bergos Are you caching the documents, though?
@gkellogg Thanks, I hit you up just now. I stepped through the Ruby lib and figured out the issue, but I've got another question about malformed @about