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    Neto GuimarĂ£es
    Hello everyone
    Bruno Dias
    Jhonny Michel
    Hi, how can I use React Modal with Angular 1.5?
    Bruno Dias
    if you can access a DOM Element on your angular app, you can render a react instance on it...and then use react-modal
    Jhonny Michel
    Thank you
    Bruno Dias
    hi clicking on the overlay does not close the modal even with shouldCloseOnOverlayClick={true}
    ok answer here reactjs/react-modal#462
    Bruno Dias
    @bodtx missing onRequestClose on your case?
    Bruno Dias
    I'm just asking, so we can understand what's going on and where we can improve probably the documentation for this feature
    Ryan Ragle
    Hey, I'm trying to write tests w/ components that use react-modal, and I keep getting expections
    react-modal: No elements were found for selector #root.
    1 import React from "react";
    2 import renderer from "react-test-renderer";
    4 import CsrNotifications from "./CsrNotifications";
    6 describe("CsrNotifications", () => {
    7 const clearNotifications = jest.fn();
    8 const component = renderer.create(
    9 <div id="root">
    10 <CsrNotifications 11 notifications={[]} 12 clearNotifications={clearNotifications} 13 />
    14 </div>
    15 );
    17 let tree = component.toJSON();
    19 it("renders correctly", () => {
    20 expect(tree).toMatchSnapshot();
    21 });
    22 });
    Yeah. I'm having trouble with the markdown too
    for gitter
    Piotr Czajkowski
    Quick question
    Why are there all propTypes definitions in Modal
    Even if there are only used in ModalPortal
    Could we remove propTypes not used in Modal form Modal.js?
    Hello, I ran into a problem using react-modal. Whenever I add a classname, the weird border appears on modal open. Doesn't appear if I use inline, but I need responsiveness, that inline doesn't provide. This weird quirk can be seen in demo too.
    It dissapears when you try to inspect or click on inspect panel.
    Anyone else ran into this issue?
    Pradheep S
    Hello, does react-modal support IE11?