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Hey all, I was wondering if there is any way with the picker to have it so that Android apps can get both videos and photos from the gallery
Just Uzair | Nothing
Hi uzair here.
I am planning to use react-native-image-picker for my android app. I would like to know if we can send the uploaded images to the server ?
Haitao Li
@abiduzz420 from react-native-image-picker you can get photo data (base64) or file path. Then you need to upload it to your server. I found it easier to send file path into XHRHttpRequest instead of base64 blob.
Just Uzair | Nothing
Heyy @haitaoli Yeah thanks :) I got it :+1:
Rome oEnso
Hi guys, I am wondering why if I choose a photo in the library there it is returning null values? And the response callback is not firing. I am using the latest version of it. Can someone help me on this? Thanks
Rome oEnso
hi all
I am wondering why the response is not working the callback is not working when firing showImagePicker
Mob Dev
Hi everyone!
Any admin can take a review of my pr ?
I am thinking provide another pr to fix react-community/react-native-image-picker#685 too ?
my first pr is here react-community/react-native-image-picker#742
Petr Evsikov
Hello folks!
I have some trouble with ImagePicker. I try to launch image from Library and picked image adjust only by width. It's ok if image have 100 width and 50 height (for example) because it's adjust by width. But if it's 50 width and 100 height I have a cropped image. I want to scale not crop image. Can you help me with it?
Haitao Li
@ksetrin are setting maxWidth without maxHeight?
If you set both then it might crop.
José Naves Moura Neto
Hi guys !
Please, help me with this:
Is this library the same used by Expo ImagePicker ?
Haitao Li
@josenaves the Expo client is implemented in native code, not react native.
hi everyone, do you have any solution about this(react-community/react-native-image-picker#599) ?
Eni Sinanaj
hey guys anyone online?
i need some help
I'd like to put a view/button on top of the camera modal but nothing is working
I need it to open the camera roll from the camera view
Eni Sinanaj
Zheng Guo
Hi @everyone
How are you?
I have some problem using react-native-image-picker
Could you help me?
_reactNativeImagePicker2.default.launchImageLibrary is not a function<<<<
This is issues only on android
It is good working in iPhon veersion now
Rodrigo Bueno Tomiosso
Hey guys! Anywone here having PERMISSION DENIED on android simulator when taking images from the GALLERY?
On the device it works fine
Abhishek Garg
how to open front camera for android devices
cameraType : 'front'
not working
Hello everyone, who knows why the setting for 'storageOptions.cameraRoll: false' still saves the image on the device (Android). How can I prevent the local store on the device then, because I am interested only in the base64-string.
riady santoso
hello every one I got problem when I run my apps in android emulator. show error 'error: cannot find symbol
public class FileProvider extends android.support.v4.content.FileProvider {'. showing error on file that have use FileProvider. my React Native Version : 0.57.7. react version : 16.6.1. and "react-native-image-picker": "^0.28.0". could any body help?
Hello everyone, When i pick a photo or capture a image and accept them, I am facing
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure delivering result
ResultInfo{who=null, request=13001, result=-1, date=null} with "react-native-image-picker": "^0.28.0" and "react-native": "0.56.0"
Hello, @everyone
I have a question about react-native-image-picker.
How can I select video from the storage?
Eni Sinanaj
@mikhailkopev you want to select videos only?
Hello Everyone. Does anyone if the library is returning the value in byte? for the filesize.
Hi Can I use the image picker to upload files other than in video and image format?
DongHyun KAL LEE
Hello, @everyone
I have one question, in my application react-native-image-picker doesn't work.(In Android OS, iOS was worked)