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    Kelvin Lemus
    Olli Jaakkola
    Hey, I just tried out the sortable grid
    It's great! But I'm trying to improve the performance a little
    Olli Jaakkola
    Yeah the can be a bit laggy in Dev Mode
    it can be*
    I suggest running it JS Dev Mode ticked off and without remote debugging when trying out the performance
    and on IOS maybe run with release schema
    David Keene
    hey is anyone around? Is there an easy way to change the algorithm that is used to positioning the other elements in the grid on a move? i'd like to keep the order of the the other elements constant (ie, item.order > draggingItem, item.order ++.
    instead of the current switch spaces algorithm.
    Peter Miles
    @ollija can you change the block height of a grid element?

    Hi @ollija , quick question. I'm trying to add another property to the blocks, so that when updateItemOrder is called, the returned object will look something like:

    Object {

    itemOrder: Array [
    0: Object {
    key: "1"
    order: 0
    ref: null
    url: "www.example.com"
    1: Object {
    key: "5"
    order: 1
    ref: null
    url: "www.example2.com"
    n: Object ...


    I've added "url: item.url" to the this.itemOrder.push on line 392 of the index file. I also send in the url I want via props, and set an initial value for the url on line 85 of the index.

    Still though, when I move the blocks it logs undefined for url. I cant figure out where the properties of properties.children that get sent to _saveItemOrder are coming from. How can I add "url" to the properties.children?

    Any help would be great!

    Ilie Stefan
    Hi @ollija, I have several 'cell's inside this sortable grid. Some cells have props connected to a remote API. Apparently the cells that are inside the sortable_grid don't update and those which are outside do update.
    My main question is: Do props inside <SortableGrid> are updatable?
     <View style={styles.defaultCell} key={key_item}>
      <Text style={styles.cellTitle}>Availability</Text>
      <Text style={styles.cellValue}>{this.props.activity}%</Text>. //This doesn't update
     <View style={styles.defaultCell} key={key_item}>
      <Text style={styles.cellTitle}>Availability</Text>
      <Text style={styles.cellValue}>{this.props.activity}%</Text>. //This does get updated
    hi @stefanionutilie_twitter , I've encountered the same problem and have found out there's a fork from krhovsky which can update props inside SortableGrid.
    Take a look: