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    Anas T
    Hello Guys, How can I avoid the repeated playing audio after the play first once?
    when i press the play button as first once and then press the play button again although the audio is playing right now i can hear twice sounds in the background !
    Nick Patrick
    Hi - whenever i play a sound, it pauses background music (eg. Spotify). Is there a way to stop this?
    1 reply
    Nick Patrick
    worked it out
    Er. Harinder Singh
    Anyone here?
    I need some help regarding react-native-sound.
    i want to play sound 1 or sound 2 when press a button, I used (switch) to do that,But the result : the sound1 and sound2 play together..what is the solution???
    Hello, i ran in to a problem with getting the duration of the audio file that i am trying to play. I know that the duration for the file i am trying to play is 55 seconds. On Iphone SE it keeps getting the wrong duration? Is there any way to know why this is happening? It seems to double its duration for iPhoneSE
    Bertie Dent
    Hi, does anyone have a solution for playing multiple short sound files in sequence without any delay? Currently got a noticeable delay.
    Juliet Nkwor
    Hello all, I am using react-native-sound for my Android app. Everything is working fine but I am not sure how to handle Resume play after the pause function is called. Please can someone, kindly help with sample code to guide me.
    Oded BD
    Hi, does this lib supports getting sound meter [the level of the volume your phone hears]?
    Nooruddin Lakhani
    Using "react-native-sound"
    In IOS, Sound stop after playing some seconds. This issue occurs in IOS version 13.x but in IOS version 12.x It works fine
    Iuliu Teodor Radu
    Having a similar issue to Nooruddin. I have a feeling it's something to do with the driver getting confused between ringer and media volume. Need to do more research.
    Henry Skorpe Sjøen
    Hello, I'm playing multiple audio clips one after another on iOS. But between the clips the DAC turns itself off. This is annoying on headsets with low impedance couse it creates an audible click. Is there a way to keep it from turning off between the clips?
    Henry Skorpe Sjøen
    OK, this chat is dead. :/ See you!
    Ribamar Santos
    hey guys :wave: any recent updates of this lib supporting auto link for RN 0.62+ ?
    Bhaskar Sabnis
    Hello everyone, I am trying to use react-native-sound package in my RN app. My RN version is 0.62.2. I am not able to access the underlying methods in the sound package. What do I need to do in this case? I have already linked it manually. Any help would be good.
    How to handle redirects fired from node to display specific screens in the react native?
    Hey guys, i'm trying to play a sound recorded dynamically and stored in the Document Folder using react native fs. The path seems to be okay but I always get the same error : failed to load the sound {extra: -2147483648, what: 1}
    const newAudio = new Sound(audioFile, '', (error) => {
    if (error) {
    console.log('failed to load the sound', error);
    audio file path : /data/user/0/com.myapp/files/202007141542/audio-recording.aac
    The file is base64, data are provided by the react-native-audio-record with the .on(data => ...) method
    Was my fiel encoding, thanks anyway
    Hopper Gee
    zmxv/react-native-sound#480 How should I prevent react-native-sound interrupt music playback on Android?
    hey guys , i have an issue that happens only on the release on android , everything works fine on debug mode , but on the release build sound doesn't play getting 'source returned error -1, 0 retries left' on logcat , i do play audio from url
    playback failed due to audio decoding errors
    i am facing this error while make the sound button pause or stop. any one have any idea
    Saptam Dev
    I'm new in RN. I want to play music in app background. For this I found react-native-sound. But I'm not understand how to do it?
    Please help!
    My app builds to device and simulator fine on IOS but when I try to archive i get an error ld: Library not found for -lRNSound
    the app works fine on android, anyone have similar problem or know of a solution?
    Hansol Yang
    Hi, I have one question about currentTime for Sound instance.
    Is there any event or method for retrieving current time per second ?
    hi Everyone!
    const play = () => {
    const s = new Sound('bad_guy.mp3', Sound.MAIN_BUNDLE, (e) => {
    if (e) { console.log('Error in SOUND', e)
    this function isn't loading and playing sound
    Jules Bourdalé
    Hope your all doing well.
    I'm looking for a solution to play a sound file that I've downloaded as a Blob
    I'm trying to not save this file on user device
    Does React-native-sound allows to play blobs ?
    I didn't founded any informations about that on the documentation
    Jules Bourdalé
    :wave: I founded exemple of Sound constructor with a remote URL, but i'm facing errors on load that are not quite explicit :
     {"extra": -2147483648, "what": 1}
    Can someone could help me ?
    Has anyone else experienced heavy distortion of the low end in wav files? Can't seem to figure it out.
    Robert Nowell
    I'm experiencing an issue where background audio plays for about a minute and then my app resets (doesn't seem to crash, as it's still open. Rather, the audio stops playing and reopening the app goes back to the starting screen). Only happens while playing audio in the background. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any recommendations of how to explore the issue?
    Paul White
    Hay all, not sure this channel is very active but anyone know of a reason why react-native-sound would be pausing background audio (e.g. music, spotify, podcasts, etc.) upon opening app?
    Kiều Bá Quang
    why sound not playing on iOS 13. It's work fine in iOS 14 and android
    Hi, i have a question:
    I create const newSound = new Sound(...)
    If i props newSound to another component, so can i use newSound.play() or some methods of Sound() ?
    Please anyone tell how to give duration to an audio file becuase music after few secnds
    sorry music starts after few seconds
    Serkan Çağman
    I'm using 50 different sound files. it works normally but on my 14th or 15th try it no longer plays the audio files. (I am using android device)

    const animalSound = new Sound( selectedAnimals.soundUrl ||"snake.mp3", null, error => {
    if (error) console.log("Can't play sound. ", error);

    const handlePlaySound = () => {
    animalSound.play(() => {

    const handleStopSound = () => {

    is expo av the only way to make audio recorder player??
    za re
    hi only questions here no answers ?