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    Avindu Hewa
    Hey, how do i play an audio file that i downloaded using react-native-fetch-blob. setting the path to the file is unclear
    Shihab Bin Ali
    Hi there, can anybody give me idea, how can i loop all audios from playlist one by one? Here is my code: https://gist.github.com/shihabbinali/abe6fad299e6fb01199bbdea45df4b68
    Hi, i got problem with sounds
    i played sounds by react-native-sound and user terminated apps but another service still play in backgrounds -> Sound continue play
    Do you have any ideas to release sounds in my case ? Thanks
    anyone here?
    Hi, I am trying to create a multi track player using react native. But not sue how to do.
    Please help me
    Rodrigo Wippel
    Hi Guys, any plans to update RN .56> support?
    Camilo Andres Ibarra Yepes
    Hi group, somebody can help me with a stop, pause and resume functions?
    if somebody has a example
    Manish Budhiraja
    I need help in setting auth in network sound. Can you please guide me how to proceed ?
    Yusuf Sabri Bayrakdar
    Hi,I try play mp3 on iOS, it doesn't give an error but it doesn't play "song = new SoundPlayer('music.mp3',SoundPlayer.MAIN_BUNDLE,(error)=>{...".I guess it cannot find mp3 file.Where should I put the mp3 file?
    Shubham Jain
    Hello, I have followed all the steps correctly, but when i am building the prod apk, .mp3 files are not getting bundled along with the apk, when i analyzed the app in android studio i see jut 2byte file, can someone please help or let me know why instead of complete .mp3 file only symlink is getting bundled in my app
    Shubham Choudhary
    how to use Playback completion callback
    I want to know if audio has finished or not
    right not I am doing it like
    setInterval(() => {
    this.isFinished = true;
    }, this.buzzer.getDuration() * 1000);
    is there any better way?
    Mai Trung Đức
    Here is an example of how to play sound from remote URL, for those who need: https://gist.github.com/maitrungduc1410/510283f598bd28f3c7868c96159944e1
    How to make phone on silent mode using react native.which android permission i have to access?
    I'm unable to play a sound stored by IOS in aac format, in an android device. I'm able to play a sound stored by android in aac format, in IOS device. Someone have informations about that ? It seems on android, we re not able to read a sound recorded on ios
    Roger M. Brusamarello
    Hello!! There's anybody here?
    Anas T
    Hello Guys, How can I avoid the repeated playing audio after the play first once?
    when i press the play button as first once and then press the play button again although the audio is playing right now i can hear twice sounds in the background !
    hello Guys, how can i pause the audio in react native -sound ?, am building a recorder app but when i play the audio i have to pause it and re play again ..
    Julián Gorge
    hello, it is works?
    i'm using SoundPlayer.playUrl('//rielfm.com.ar/reproductor') on my iPhone and doesn't listen anything
    Uchendu Precious
    Anyone here
    Please how can i updated the current Second as the time is playing
    I want to stop the sound when it reaches a particular second
    I am unable to recorded sound .aac file
    filepath is something like /storage/0/Music/audio.aac, how to provide path, give me an idea
    Hi i have this file path which i get after picking a audio file from the local storage
    file:///storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Audio/AUD-20190314-WA0019.m4a
    how can i play the audio of the file
    For now i am getting this error message: "resource not found", code: -1
    Alexandar Castaneda
    sound.play(onEnd => {} ) .play triggers callback upon playback end whereas stop and pause trigger callback immediately. I am trying to find a way to trigger a callback when playback begins. I know I can make sound.play() followed by sound.isPlaying() but that seems fragile since all of this is asynchronous.
    Anyone have a suggestion on how to trigger a callback upon playback start instead of on playback end.
    I am using react native sound package , sound cloud music pauses when I open my app ?
    How are you everyone
    I am using sound. the application is used all day long. After a while, the sound does not work.
    how can i fix this.
    Hi i am using react-native-sound 0.11.1 but i am getting this error -
    How can i fix it?
    Hi, I have a problem connected with playing sound with loops, parallel, I used @react-native-community/geolocation from where I get my location and with that function it doesn't work, my sound plays ones and stops, but when I use sound without getting my location it works perfectly.
    Hi i am using react-native-sound in on of my sample chat application its using functional component but once i play one audio and move to next its not stoping the previous one
    any body use the same in chat application
    Hi can someone help me ? i am actually want to do playback mode at my mobile application. first mode is continuously and second is a timer mode.
    Hi does anyone have a example of playing with remote url and a progress bar/ slider??