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Pravesh Kumar
TypeError: (0, _reactNativeTrackPlayer.usePlaybackState) is not a function. (In '(0, _reactNativeTrackPlayer.usePlaybackState)()', '(0, _reactNativeTrackPlayer.usePlaybackState)' is undefined)
facing same error please help us!
Nicolas El Mir
Hello, Can I make 2 players? need help
Hello i know a little english so easy and a lot to explain now i've been trying for 7 days but can't install ios
native module cannot be null

CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "react-native-track-player":
In Podfile:
react-native-track-player (from ../node_modules/react-native-track-player)

Specs satisfying the react-native-track-player (from../node_modules/react-native-track-player) dependency were found, but they required a higher minimum deployment target.

/sh Ish
Anyone know how to play
m3u8 links on RNtrackplayer
Arpita Jha
I have been trying to stream audio files from Google Cloud Storage to react native application but track-player throws an error on providing the url.
Error: Unable to resolve module ` could not be found within the project.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
I finally got past some errors importing like this but it's no where in the docs, import TrackPlayer, {
} from 'react-native-track-player/index'; and now using my navigation drawer app I still have errors saying usePlaybackState is not a function. Do i have to include these imports elsewhere?
@Pravesh701 try my suggestion, nothing else worked but that allowed me to move past my initial errors like you had
At this point I'll paypal someone funds if they will just help me and get the example building in my app...anyone around?
Figured it out, the import syntax is important and you also have to prepend the imported methods with the TrackPlayer. global, not sure why the example doesn't line up with how it needs to be implemented but I'm using latest track player and newer react native version.
So = usePlaybackState() <-- undefined needs to be = TrackPlayer.usePlaybackState() along with the import syntax i included above
playback-state event handler not calling. Can anyone help there?
this.onStateChanged = TrackPlayer.addEventListener('playback-state', () => {
console.log('State Change Event');
Above is the code i am trying
Jerome Curlier

we are getting a playback-error event but not code or message on the error

are we sending error with localizedDescription (instead of error code / message on ios)?

Jerome Curlier
oh just found out the issue was raised before
Hello, i have big troubles installing react-native-track-player. Is someone know what are exactly the steps that I have to follow to install this library ?
When I'm following the installation guide I get the error : "Native Module Cannot Be Null"
Timur Yarosh
Hi guys! When I call TrackPlayer.setup() the song that was being streamed stops immediately. Is it correct behavior?
Tamerlan Gudabayev
Hi, I was wondering can we have custom buttons on the background notifications bar thing?
like next/previous song
Tamerlan Gudabayev
media controls on the notification bar?

Hello guys,

TrackPlayer.Play() and pause() not affecting notification icon in ios

anyone facing same issue?

and my notification appearing twice setupPlayer()
Hello guys, track is missing a required key
can any one help me guys
Hello Guys, How can I play 2 different tracks, anybody ?
Ajith VM
how can i get total duration of audio
Shawn Ifill
Is there a way to not display the android media notification when calling TrackPlayer.add(track)? I was to add a list of tracks to the queue on render of a screen, but I only want the TrackPlayer media notification to display when the first track is played. Is this possible?
Hi all, react-native-track-player is working perfectly in ios, but in android, I am not able to handle notification controls other all things in android is working perfectly
Hi, all. Please help.
Does anyone know how to play audio / accp stream format?

I saw in the docs that you can load an audio file from local storage using something like:

url: 'file:///storage/sdcard0/Music/avaritia.wav' // Load media from the file system

However, how do you find all audio files stored on your device (Android)? I am struggling to understand how to grab all media files to create a TrackObject. In addition, once retrieving all the files, is there a way to parse the metadata from them, i.e. Title, Artist, ModifiedDate, etc.?

Sayem Chowdhury
Screenshot 2020-04-10 04:37:36.png
How to fix this? I have followed the install instruction correctly and added dummy swift and bridge header as per the troubleshoot guide. I'm using Xcode 11.4 btw.
Gaurav Tewari
@lnickdnguyen i am also struggling to understand how to do so?
have you figured out?
Hi. Is there anyone who can give me some example code how to retrieve icecast/shoutcast metadata using react-native-track-player. This and getting album artwork is all that’s missing from my app now :). Thanks to anyone who can help a beginner out.
Alejandro Sánchez
Hi everyone!! This library support the override of silent switch on iOS ? Thanks
My react native track player with live streaming working in debug apk but not in release apk...
how can i make it working...
@Guichaguri My react native track player with live streaming working in debug apk but not in release apk...
how can i make it working...
Does any one know how to solve this...
@SavinderSingh apparently I am getting this same error, did you find a solution ?