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Apr 2015
Vlatko Koudela
Apr 22 2015 16:54
Hey @aaronjudd, I see that all currencies, timezones, continents and countries are located in shop document in Shops collection - what is the idea of that? Should every shop document contain all those informations? Or countries array represents only "enabled countries" for the shop, or something similar to that. I usually had those static informations centralized somewhere.
Aaron Judd
Apr 22 2015 20:40
it really was meant as "enabled for this shop". all of those are options that I expect we'll have admin screens to adjust, on a per shop basis. ie: I only ship to five countries, or only support x currencies, etc I'd adjust in shops
we may need another source for addressBook lookup (but I think that needs some refactoring for input auto-fill)
this sort of also gets to the heart of the question re order structure is well
Aaron Judd
Apr 22 2015 20:47
do we start creating joins, or continue a 'rich document' approach... I feel the rich document is preferred, up until the point when it's really obviously not working - then break out if needed. with a single tenant shop this structure shouldn't be an issue, but could be a bigger issue with a marketplace approach, for instance..