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May 2015
May 10 2015 06:44
Howdy, when I tried to change the Shop name in Shop settings I get "Error: Verified is required". Any idea?
Spencer Norman
May 10 2015 08:42
I've seen this error before once we started including admin email in the shop settings.
Aaron Judd
May 10 2015 09:48
I am able to reproduce, and I’m working in that area, I’ll take care of it
James Murphy
May 10 2015 13:49
Hi all - great to meet you
i'm looking at using reaction to list some themes i'm selling (I get that it's in the Alpha stage) but I'm having trouble even getting setup
On the initial page at the spinner keeps going while it says: "Launching first shop, this can take a couple seconds..."
is this a known issue?
I'm a developer (and I know node.js) so I was hoping I could use this platform - help it along at the same time rather than be forced to use the likes of Magento
I really really don't want to resort to installing a PHP e-commerce solution :)
Goutham Veeramachaneni
May 10 2015 14:32
@murphyj That must be some issue with Its a docker solution and I think the server is full/overloaded. But dont worry, that is just for preview.
And go into the app-directory and use meteor
You will find the shop running on your local
James Murphy
May 10 2015 14:33
Great good point - I'm really interested in adding to this if it helps me get to where I need to go and I've always had a hankering to contribute to a serious open source project
so this seems like the perfect companion (you can't contribute to everything :))
excellent - I'll give that a go
out of interest has the stripe integration started yet?
I had a look on github and it looked like there had been discussion around it
Goutham Veeramachaneni
May 10 2015 14:34
This is an active project and is targeted to be production ready by June 1. And yes, I think the stripe solution is ready (I haven’t tested it out yet)
James Murphy
May 10 2015 14:35
Excellent well I have a product I need to sell
and Stripe is ideal - I don't mind if it doesn't work great because I'm not 100% reliant on the solution and it's my first product
I can probably give it a try and get some real users buying stuff - I can then fix anything associated with that (at the least) to get contributing
thanks for your help @Gouthamve
Might try out paypal as well since people seem to love that as an option
Goutham Veeramachaneni
May 10 2015 14:40
Hmm, I think there are test cards for stripe also like for paypal. So just use the test cards for checking if stripe works before testing on real users. And yes, Paypal is good too. And the test cards work for paypal. And welcome. :) I hope some of your themes will be applied to Reaction itself.
James Murphy
May 10 2015 14:44
possibly - I'm actually listing my theme same one as at - I could potentially re-use some of the css styling etc to theme up Reaction - that would give it a consistent integration with my site (so possibly!)