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May 2015
May 25 2015 13:13
Hi @aaronjudd, I am having some questions related to the feature-roles-372 branch. Shouldn't the checkboxes on the members page work together with the userDropdown or other permissions, for example if I uncheck a package from this list, shouldn't that package disappear from the user dropdown (I don't even get a you don't have permission error)?
Aaron Judd
May 25 2015 20:52
@boboci9 yes it should, but test with a new user rather than the owner (default admin user).
I'm ignoring any updates for owner + core at the moment, probably needs to be hidden, or check that there is at least one owner with the core permissions before letting the owner un-assign their own permissions
click on the actual permission - and you'll see the additional permissions for each package as well ( I know the UI is a little rough there, but I want to add filters, addition profile update, etc soon, so I didn't want to invest too much time into the permission UI just now) - should be functional though.