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Jun 2015
Goutham Veeramachaneni
Jun 04 2015 14:58
Just found out @kefirchik has already worked on a basic CMS here and laid most of the ground-work: :) I think its cool and I will work on making that better. Also I have been thinking about your layouts. It makes sense to have a widget in between. I will try to make things flexible enough to allow for widgets.
Aaron Judd
Jun 04 2015 15:01
good point, I’d forgotten about his package - good reminder that we need a list of packages documented somewhere
Sara Hicks
Jun 04 2015 21:07
Hi everyone! We just published a blog post on @spencern. Enjoy!
Spencer Norman
Jun 04 2015 21:16
Thanks so much for the profile @saralouhicks! I really appreciate what you and @aaronjudd are doing for the MeteorJS community and I'm excited to contribute however I can. We are launching a redesign and our summer service in a little less than a week on June 9 on After that I plan to be much more regular here again.
Aaron Judd
Jun 04 2015 21:18
I’ve been a little distracted as well, totally understand - we just moved into an office! Good luck with the redesign, I’m sure it will be great. We’ll see you then ;-)