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Jun 2015
Jun 19 2015 09:35
@aaronjudd I also looked at the changes you added to the getSellerShopId function but it will always return [] because the getGroupsForUser function expects a string not an array, so I wanted to ask which should we go on owner or admin?
Aaron Judd
Jun 19 2015 14:00
each shop will have an owner and admin, I’d go with ‘owner’ if you’re giving them full permissions
@boboci9 re: PR I understand the change, but wouldn’t that be covered by the publication? I’ll review the PR today (I’m curious)
Jun 19 2015 14:16
ok thanks, I have multiple packages returned and I didn't change anything in the packages publications
regarding wheath or not to change the getShopId function, I was trying to put together a PR for those changes but I couldn't figure out how is it that we won't need a second function because in a multi vendor we have a major shop, whose setup should be always taken into consideration and several seller shops which should be considered if a seller logs in
and you also mentioned that you considered having multiple shops for a seller and this case getShopId would return an Array which would mean a lot of refactoring