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Jun 2015
Jun 22 2015 03:15
do you have any ideas about how to create a more modular cart system?
like if we want to put in an extra step for checkout
here's a nice package but doesn't use the statemachine
Aaron Judd
Jun 22 2015 15:05
@Neobii I need to think about it a bit - (other than saying that you can add your own state machine step, and your own checkout templates) - I think we probably need to apply the dynamic template approach that we’re using elsewhere to the checkout as well (this was written long before dynamicTemplate was part of the lexicon). I think we could make it much easier than it currently is if we refactored a little for that approach. (then we could have checkout packages)
this would make a great issue/pr if you’d like to document your use case
Jun 22 2015 20:59
Isn't it in development more? months untouched on github
Aaron Judd
Jun 22 2015 21:10
@diff- not sure what you repo you’re looking at but the majority of the codebase is in:
there’s also a bunch more at the org level as well as other community packages in progress
the way github shows stuff sometimes gives that impression though - since aging is only referring to that particular file, (not sure about folders) and unless you look at the commit history the project page file listing can be deceptive