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Jun 2015
Aaron Judd
Jun 28 2015 03:38
@diff- recommended reading would be our packages doc: and then a developer could use as a template. It shouldn't be to difficult to have your developer write a package, but if you also want to open source there's a few developers who have written a payment package that might help answer questions. really your developer only needs JS experience. Getting up to speed with Meteor should be pretty easy (since there is several examples to look at).
Jun 28 2015 20:39
Is this ecommerce app in the point of minimum stability to run an eshop? I mean do you recommend to handle an eshop by REACTION at this point of development?
Aaron Judd
Jun 28 2015 20:44
@onrea generally I wouldn’t recommend it just yet -> we’re still working on some major features that you’d likely need (admin tools, cms, discounts). Of course, it all depends on your requirements and willingness to get involved in the code base. Probably 2-3 major releases still to go.