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Jul 2015
Jul 22 2015 07:00
Vlatko Koudela
Jul 22 2015 13:52
hi @aaronjudd, did you maybe take a look at Paypal’s payment status?
Gopi Donthireddy
Jul 22 2015 15:10
1000 stars 👍
And I had the privilege :-)
Spencer Norman
Jul 22 2015 15:10
Nice. :clap:
Aaron Judd
Jul 22 2015 15:13
Very cool! :+1: Thanks all!
Now onward to 2000 ;-), I hope
Sara Hicks
Jul 22 2015 15:15
Michael Jenny
Jul 22 2015 15:28
@gopidon YAY!!
@aaronjudd Due to that premier: Do we get a 0.6 today? ;o)
Aaron Judd
Jul 22 2015 15:44
I’m going to try darn hard to do it! we’ll see ;-)
Aleksei Mironov
Jul 22 2015 18:41
I'am too late with my celebration issue :worried:
Cheers! :beers:
Aaron Judd
Jul 22 2015 18:58
@vkoudela is that #390? I’m pretty sure that’s a fixed issue in 0.6.0 but will review in more detail after I get the core 0.6.0 out the door
Vlatko Koudela
Jul 22 2015 19:57
@aaronjudd my issue could be related to #390, although, I am able to do a payment (I’m using express checkout) and funds are taken from my sandbox account, but when I log into, I see my transaction in pending status. I’ll wait for 0.6.0 and I’ll repeat my test then.