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Aug 2015
Aug 14 2015 13:17
hey guys, I am testing reactioncommerce now and then. I just installed and set it up locally and it works fine. But when pushing the same local working version of the app to Heroku or Meteor it seems broken, the heroku is missing styles, and the Meteor one is missing the example product. Does any one recognize this? I have probably missed something simple :P thanks for your time and awesome project!
Aug 14 2015 13:24
yo yo nevermind my question above, or at least hold for a while. My lazy ass is reading some of your awsome documentation right now, getting schooled. ;) bbl thnx anyways guys
Michael Jenny
Aug 14 2015 13:55
@aaronjudd getLocale call is unbearable slow. It takes between 60 .. 120 secs before it returns with undefined and takes my locale from address book anyway..
So with my fix (see PR) I see a long time the $ sign before prices get updated in EUR.
Aaron Judd
Aug 14 2015 13:56
@maxfinnsjo that’s because you need to build (in dev) and include the .less themes before bundling. (this hopefully goes away with the next release of Meteor)
@prinzdezibel @queso has this group of getLocale issues - refactor is in progress
your PR makes total sense as well - so that’s probably good regardless of the method refactor
Aug 14 2015 14:07
@aaronjudd thanks!