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Aug 2015
Harin Sanghirun
Aug 19 2015 12:06
are there any reactioncommerce live sites to play around with?
Aleksei Mironov
Aug 19 2015 14:50
you can create one at
Actually there is one at
Aaron Judd
Aug 19 2015 15:05
@harinsa we've taken down the demo/test shops that were on, but @kefirchik is right, you can use
Aug 19 2015 21:15
@aaronjudd any updates since meteor/meteor#1472 ?
Aug 19 2015 21:36
I'm running into that issue if I try to have two login options on one page. In my case, using Reaction's inline-form on a page that also has Reaction's default login dropdown
Aaron Judd
Aug 19 2015 22:18
@Aesop7 @mikemurray is working on that in the new reaction-accounts package. We’re replacing the entire accounts-ui from meteor, and the core/client/accounts templates with that package in the next release .I think we’ll be wrapped up early next week with that (see #348)