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Sep 2015
Sep 08 2015 05:17
Hi there.. I am regular visitor here to catch latest on RC. Great going.. Need one help. I tried everything as suggested in issue #363 and used info available on net. No result so far on Window 7 machine. Even tried npn install from command prompt for npm-bcrypt@0.7.8_2 & npm-node-aes-gcm@0.1.3_6. Totally out of luck. Thinking of removing both as dependency when it starts. Can u please point what should I comment in code.
Aaron Judd
Sep 08 2015 15:45
@hrath2015 you could try removing oath-encryption from core/package.js - maybe - but I would think you'd be able to get it working on win 7 as the node-gyp install (which is where most of the issues seem to come from uses the 2012 VB extension).
I know it's tough, but you should be able to get it running without removing anything from reaction though - but as you can see in #363 it's a little different for everyone
DJ Pelland
Sep 08 2015 22:31
Anyone using reaction commerce in production yet?
Aaron Judd
Sep 08 2015 23:37
@dna113p we haven't been tracking that, although I suspect there might be a couple. With the upcoming beta release, we'll start tracking that info, and also we'll be working to create some showcase shops..