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Sep 2015
Sep 12 2015 10:25 UTC
Hi, sorry I went to sleep last night, it was starting to get very late, but I tried it today, tried git pull and meteor update but the error is still there the only solution for me as well is setting the PACKAGE_DIRS but even then when meteor starts there are a lot of errors showing up I've never seen them before, let me know if a list of them would help
Sep 12 2015 10:47 UTC
But the biggest issue is I still can't clone and add the bootstrap package
Sep 12 2015 10:56 UTC
meteor add reactioncommerce:bootstrap-theme
 => Errors while adding packages:             

While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0 is not satisfied by
reactioncommerce:core 0.6.4.
Constraints on package "reactioncommerce:core":
Aaron Judd
Sep 12 2015 14:31 UTC
@boboci9 we all have to sleep sometime. :crying_cat_face: what I don’t get is what file you have left that has a dependency on core. If you are using still trying to use 0.7.0, then you should be able to do grep -sR "reactioncommerce:core@0.6.4" . I would run this in your reaction dir, your packages dir (if not under reaction), and ~/meteor/packages/. There should be no results. You can test by search for ‘0.7.0’ and you should have results. If there are any results for 0.6.4- that need to be updated to 0.7.0.
example results:
 07:28:12  ~/ongoworks/packages 
$ grep -sR "reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0" .
./reaction-accounts/package.js:  api.use("reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0");
./reaction-analytics/package.js:  api.use("reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0");
./reaction-paypal/package.js:  api.use("reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0");
./reaction-shipping/package.js:  api.use("reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0",["client","server"]);
./reaction-social/package.js:  api.use("reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0");
./reaction-stripe/package.js:  api.use("reactioncommerce:core@0.7.0");
 07:28:17  ~/ongoworks/packages 
$ grep -sR "reactioncommerce:core@0.6.4" .
-(no results)
Aaron Judd
Sep 12 2015 14:39 UTC
also try switching to the branch circle-docker-tests and running the script there - it’s updated from the one in the development branch to use look in ./meteor/versions, rather than just .meteor/packages - so that it now should pull down dependencies that aren’t specified in packages file. of course, should be a bit more accurate
Sep 12 2015 16:08 UTC

I searched this yesterday and I don't have 0.6.4 anywhere
but I found that if I run meteor using a file

export PACKAGE_DIRS='/tmp/reaction-packages'

meteor add reactioncommerce:bootstrap-theme


it will work

it gives me several errors but it starts at least