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Sep 2015
Michael Jenny
Sep 19 2015 07:46
@aaronjudd: For meteor packages: Are npm packages available client side as well?
@aaronjudd: Is it possible to use mquandelle's bower package in main app?
Aaron Judd
Sep 19 2015 15:04
@prinzdezibel for npm, you'll need to do your own "Npm.require" , instantiate and export (client,server). I think it will depend on the npm package. I've had some that just work when exported to the client, others I've had to separately include client js, or browserify them (for instance in ongoworks:bunyan-logger ). I don't think you should have any issue using @mquandalle bower in the app, although you might need to add it to ./packages/meteor (meteor add) at the app level. Generally I found the bower install to be cleaner, easier than wrapping npm packages, but they both have their uses. Honestly haven't tested bower at the app level, but I expect it should work fine, but YMMV.