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Sep 2015
Sep 20 2015 10:10
hi, I just want to know when would the beta release which was announce for september. I'm launching a project on reaction but the delay of sign in in alpha is really annoying.. and the 0.7 is unstable and UI seems not completed.
Aaron Judd
Sep 20 2015 15:01
@yangqiao EOM is the release goal for 0.7.x to be stable (and 0.8.x to be released)
Sep 20 2015 15:06
Hey All, I've heard talk about Reaction supporting multiple shops -- does this mean that the same site would have "storefronts" for special users, or does it mean that the same Reaction installation would support multiple different shops?
To maybe be a little clearer: Does it mean the same online store with categorized "shops" organized by special users, or does it mean the same reaction installation can support multiple online stores? (I guess the big difference is whether users would be able to manage a subset of the products)
Sep 20 2015 17:53
Aha! I think that I came across my answer - reactioncommerce/reaction#357 It's going to be the former -- If I read that correctly, users will be able to upload products to their own part of the reaction commerce site, right? If so, I CAN'T WAIT!!! :D I think that the "marketplace" idea is what I was trying to describe above. I'm happy to help test and work on a dev package if there is one at this point.