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Oct 2015
Oct 06 2015 12:00
@saralouhicks @aaronjudd Hello Guys, thanks for your feedback. Can you please send me details on partnership opportunities @ . Thanks a lot guys! First shop to be up and running mid-november :-)
Spencer Norman
Oct 06 2015 16:33
Are refunds and/or cancelled orders scheduled for any of these upcoming updates?
Spencer Norman
Oct 06 2015 16:41
Also, did 1.2 alleviate any of the pain points associated with creating a different theme? (e.g. Sass/Less compilation in packages)
Bryan Wu
Oct 06 2015 17:11
@aaronjudd will beta 0.9 release today?
Mike Murray
Oct 06 2015 17:12

@spencern I have to do some more testing with the new css build stuff in 1.2 inside of reaction. I want to take the approach of not having a main.less file with all of the imports stuffed in it, and start including variables / mixins as needed per less/sass file. Maybe move variables and mixins and other reusable / default base theme things to package and you can use it or not.

Also probably get rid of reaction-bootstrap-theme custom build system since you should be able to import and override what ever styles you want at app level, and also use cross-package imports to get the variables you need to do so.

But this is all theroy until I get into that.

Bryan Wu
Oct 06 2015 17:17
@mikemurray will beta 0.9 release today?
Mike Murray
Oct 06 2015 17:23
@aaronjudd says we'll deffinately push something
Bryan Wu
Oct 06 2015 17:25
thanks guys
Oct 06 2015 19:06
Tuesday is our absolute deadline. Perhaps before then.
I’m really trying to get everything converted to ES6...
We hope to see it this week (:
Oct 06 2015 19:48
Link shows but try to access
Thanks for the great work by the way :)
Spencer Norman
Oct 06 2015 19:55
@mikemurray good to hear about the custom build system. Will be nice to just import and override. I like the idea of moving defaults out to a package that is optional or can be modified.
Bug or feature? when I have something in a cart, and I register an account. It clears my cart. It seems like this cart should be passed to the newly created user, but perhaps I’m misunderstanding the implications of that
Mike Murray
Oct 06 2015 20:09
Bug. it should be passed to the user
@sabitertan is the correct one. Thanks for the catch
Spencer Norman
Oct 06 2015 20:17
Should I file a report or is this one known?
Mike Murray
Oct 06 2015 20:28
just fixed in the docs
might still be cached for a lil while
uh... hmm @spencern yea file a bug
I was thinking about something else
Bryan Wu
Oct 06 2015 20:47
@mikemurray i met a bug when I add a tag, it's a 0.7 release
Exception while invoking method 'updateProductTags' Error: Match error: Failed Match.OneOf or Match.Optional validation
    at checkSubtree (packages/check/match.js:244:1)
    at check (packages/check/match.js:32:1)
    at [object Object].Meteor.methods.updateProductTags (packages/reactioncommerce:core/server/methods/products.js:493:1)
    at packages/check/match.js:109:1
    at [object Object]._.extend.withValue (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:56:1)
    at Object.Match._failIfArgumentsAreNotAllChecked (packages/check/match.js:108:1)
    at maybeAuditArgumentChecks (packages/ddp/livedata_server.js:1614:1)
    at packages/ddp/livedata_server.js:648:1
    at [object Object]._.extend.withValue (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:56:1)
    at packages/ddp/livedata_server.js:647:1
Sanitized and reported to the client as: Match failed [400]
I recall it's a known issue, right?
or it's fixed in latest code.