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Oct 2015
Aaron Judd
Oct 17 2015 01:51
@prinzdezibel jasmine works for both client and server tests, you're right it's a PiTA which is why I wanted to try to keep it to one testing framework. Velocity supports nightwatch (w/selenium) and a few others, but I had limited success getting the others to work reliably, and/or getting them to working in a way that we could easily deploy. Jasmine seemed to be the most reliable and easy to write of the supported frameworks. It's actually working pretty well for the server tests, but the client stuff, well - it's fragile and I'm still working out the best way to write the tests.. feedback, ideas, help - always welcome.
Aleksei Mironov
Oct 17 2015 13:35
@mikemurray Thanks! I'll make a package out of this mess.
But I'll try not to touch any of existing events, etc. Only css and a few html lines
Oct 17 2015 18:23
can I use these cool switch buttons with autoForm?
Mike Murray
Oct 17 2015 18:43
i believe its just the css class needed on the checkbox itself checkbox-switch
Oct 17 2015 18:56
I'm gonna try that, don't know how to put classes on autoform generated inputs
but I will check the docs.. one more thing, autoform is generating some fields based on my package schemas
it generates the form properly, but when I try to save them, it cleans up the form and doesn't save anything
    <div class="panel-body">


        <div class="form-group">
          All shipping estimatives will take CEP number you enter below as its origin point

        {{>afQuickField name='settings.cepOrigin'}}

        {{>afQuickField name='settings.pac'}}
        {{>afQuickField name='settings.sedex'}}
        {{>afQuickField name='settings.sedex10'}}
        {{>afQuickField name='settings.sedexHoje'}}
        {{>afQuickField name='settings.sedexACobrar'}}

        <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary pull-right">Save Changes</button>
Oct 17 2015 19:02
does autoform handle updating db?
or it just generates html?
Ow, I think I figured it out
Oct 17 2015 19:33
Hi, I'm going to start a project with Reaction, can anyone tell me what's the best way to start with? Thanks
Oct 17 2015 19:57
@norber145 run these commands on your terminal
curl | /bin/sh
git clone
cd reaction && git checkout master
Oct 17 2015 20:53
Thanks, is there any tutorial/resource/examples i could look at?
Oct 17 2015 21:04
probably only the reaction docs as resources, since it's a pretty new platform =/
but depends on what you want to do, you can find some meteor tutorials
and people in this chat are really helpful =)
If I can help you, I will
Oct 17 2015 21:05
Ok, gracias!
Oct 17 2015 22:10
I'm creating a package that calculates shipping according to brazilian shipping system, for that I need the stor admin to add some informations on each product, like the product weight and size
I created a schema on my package with these informations, but how can I tie it to the products in a way that each product has these set of information?
Bryan Wu
Oct 17 2015 22:45
@aaronjudd and @mikemurray I met a critical bug recently and I found it's also reporoducible in reaction latest code.
  1. I add an admin info in settings/dev.settings.json
  1. start reaction, it will create an account admin
  1. i can use admin login into the reaction system
4, i logout and register a normal user and login as a normal user then logout
  1. finally I tried to use admin login, but it says the user is not found
I checked the database admin account disappeared
looks like very weird. but i believe it's very easy to reproduce