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Nov 2015
Nov 30 2015 07:50
Hi Guys - as a mainly front end guy the layout and theme docs are prety crappy (unless im not looking in the right place) - any links as id like to develop a bunch of themes and layouts for this platform (most of which id be happy to open source).
Thats in relation to the platform not the tech used to create (obv)..
Nov 30 2015 08:47
Yeh LAYOUTS - that the bottle neck - The Header etc are not in the Client Folder.
we’re in the process of moving the packages back into the app/packages, so that they aren’t living in separate repo’s - that will help it be more obvious - when you first install you don’t get any of the required packages (including the theme or template) as they are all in separate packages that are published. right now you have to clone them locally as well.
Israel Ortiz
Nov 30 2015 16:28
hello, im unable to process payments trough paypal, when a customer try to purchase, paypal redirect them to /paypal/done url
infinite loader shows and payment never gets processed
i already looked in packages/reaction-paypal/common/routes.js and it seems its redirecting to a template i cannot find anywhere
this.route('paypalExpressReturn', {
path: '/paypal/done',
yieldTemplates: {
checkoutHeader: {
to: "layoutHeader"
am i doing something wrong? everything is configured in the dashboard
Nov 30 2015 18:52
does anyone have a firm or a coder you can turn me onto to help replicate in reaction?
Nov 30 2015 22:14
@aaronjudd Sweet ill check that out - its deff confusing as it is but once i get across it ill see if i can write a tute - its such a sweet platform!