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Dec 2015
Aaron Judd
Dec 03 2015 05:12

A quick update on the next release: v:0.10.0.. we’re in the process of merging all core package repos into the packages folder of the reaction repo. Tomorrow evening (PST) we’ll merge and close any open accepted PR’s into development repos(s). This will likely include reactioncommerce/reaction-core#209 import functionality.

After all the repos have been merged into reaction/packages as new local packages, we can focus on getting all tests passing - probably won't mean a stable release, it’s more iterative ;-) but once we're passing - I'll tag and branch this release as Reaction v0.10.0.

It's a big release, and once Reaction is tagged v0.10.0, I think it would be ideal if we can start getting regular bite sized releases out, so the core team (@mikemurray, @jshimko , @zenweasel, myself ) will be focused on closing reported bugs and doing micro releases for each bug fix and shoot for quick v0.11.0 release. Figure this will be a good way to get into a rhythm of small releases as we work on side branches for larger features for future releases. i.e.: reaction-product-simple (introduces a new react component PDP page).

Aaron Judd
Dec 03 2015 08:09
@tsfir re: the performance. Looks like you are running in development mode? It will run much better if you used a production build (where everything is minified) with meteor build to create a tarball you can deploy.
Dec 03 2015 09:53
thanks, I will try ...
Alexander Praetorius
Dec 03 2015 23:20
how does reaction work? i saw the command reaction deploy
what does it do?
Spencer Norman
Dec 03 2015 23:21
Love it. Looking forward to 0.10.0