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Dec 2015
Brent Hoover
Dec 10 2015 00:11
@nubestra I’m sorry, I’ve never been able to replicate that issue. I’ve placed many, many test orders using PayPal Express without seeing that issue.
@nubestra Can you test it with a clean install and see if you still see it?
Israel Ortiz
Dec 10 2015 00:12
ok, i'll try and report the results
Brent Hoover
Dec 10 2015 00:12
Thanks, I’ll be around for a while
Dec 10 2015 11:55
Hi What is the best way to add images using code? I found this:
if (product) { let fileObj; fileObj = new FS.File(files[i]); fileObj.metadata = { ownerId: userId, productId: product._id, variantId: product.variants[0]._id, shopId: shopId, priority: Number(parts[1]) || 0 }; ReactionCore.Collections.Media.insert(fileObj); }
can I put this in a sample package e.g. helloworld and iterate thru my images to add, or can i use a separate meteor project to add to a remote rc install?
Tom De Caluwé
Dec 10 2015 14:16
@aaronjudd If we load multiple translations with the same i18n code, will i18next use both translations to find a translation string? Or do I need to change import logic to add additional translations to the first translation document in mongo?