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Dec 2015
Dec 23 2015 19:23 UTC
Hey there
Is there any progress in RTL?
supporting native calandar: Hijri, Korean, etc?
Making it possible to translate via
Dec 23 2015 19:36 UTC
Hi, quick question regarding the new theme setup, do you have any documentation about the new theme? I have a theme for the old RC with mytheme-bootstrap-theme package and mytheme-theme which worked well in the previous version but I'm not sure how to set it up for the new version because you got rid of the client/themes/bootstrap/custom.reaction.json file
Dec 23 2015 20:35 UTC
@aaronjudd I have proposed Bulgarian translation reactioncommerce/reaction#620
Aaron Judd
Dec 23 2015 22:09 UTC
@perpi nothing new re: RTL calendaring I think that’s dependent on finding a plugin for moment.js see: moment/moment#1454
Perhaps there is another way, but I’ve not looked at it. RE: Transifex hasn’t been a top priority for me, but it looks like there’s a couple of pretty easy looking options that can be implemented, perhaps you could create an issue and we could get some requirements going.
@rkhunter :thumbsup:
Dec 23 2015 22:14 UTC
Thanks I will looking for this I looked in the packages docs instead of the main repo
Aaron Judd
Dec 23 2015 22:16 UTC
working on the docs :fire:
Dec 23 2015 22:18 UTC
Aaron Judd
Dec 23 2015 22:22 UTC
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