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Dec 2015
Dec 27 2015 11:44
@nubestra I have a error I can't view the mongodb data, I have change the settings in (reaction/settings/dev.settings.json: parse error reading settings file) "MONGO_URL": "mongodb://”,
Lukas Sägesser
Dec 27 2015 15:19
Hello everyone! I'm starting on a new project for which I want to extend Reaction Commerce to work as a P2P marketplace like Sharetribe.
I just pulled the development branch of reaction from GitHub and built the docker image. It works :)
Now I'd like to make changes to the source code of the packages, and have them effective instantly in the running docker container... how do I do that?
It seems like the app is bundled during the docker image build process? Does anyone use the docker file for development?
Aaron Judd
Dec 27 2015 17:45
@JsusMillan Hello!
@drgenesis use port 3001 for local db access (shouldn’t need any modifications to just run local, by default meteor sets up a db on the meteor port +1 )
@ScyDev we don’t develop with the docker image, but we build them during the CI tests… you would just develop locally, and and customization made to packages / modifications would get bundled when you do docker build