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Dec 2015
Aaron Judd
Dec 29 2015 01:33
@boboci9 sorry haven’t had a chance to look at this, but sounds like the our .rtl mixins aren’t loaded yet. @mikemurray any ideas?
Mike Murray
Dec 29 2015 04:42
@boboci9 looking into it
Mike Murray
Dec 29 2015 06:16

@boboci9 After a loooooooooong first glance, the mixins for .margin-left and the other rtl mixins are in core-theme/default/mixins.less. However, inporting that file is more trouble than it should be becuase it seems to require variables from other files.

The styles in that file should be moved to other places so mixins.less is not dependent on any other less file.

Mike Murray
Dec 29 2015 06:25

@boboci9 for now you can copy them into your own theme if you want to move forward:

I also added an issue, reactioncommerce/reaction#624 that I will tackle tomorrow morning that should fix some import issues with the rtl mixins.

Dec 29 2015 07:40
Thanks, I will try out this solution and let you know
Dec 29 2015 07:43
hi, i would like to know where is the database configuration is stored.
I installed a fresh install
i run show dbs in my mongodb server but no additional db-collection was displayedd.
any idea how it works?
Brent Hoover
Dec 29 2015 09:18
The mongodb for meteor always runs at one port above the meteor port. So by default the db is running at 3001. While you can have Meteor running you can also run meteor mongo and get a db console that way.
Dec 29 2015 15:57
Anyone help me fix windows installation error; I keep getting '/.meteor/meteor: line 1: !/bin/sh: No such file or directory'
Dec 29 2015 16:15
@PeteAshworth, hi, maybe this and this could help?
Dec 29 2015 16:26
@newsiberian thank you for the links but I've done the steps several times with the same error.
Dec 29 2015 16:30
@mikemurray importing the whole file resulted in errors so I had to move the styles over as you suggested and that worked, thanks
Mike Murray
Dec 29 2015 16:44
@boboci9 cool. I'm going to be cleaning that stuff up now as well