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Feb 2016
David Mondrus
Feb 06 2016 10:43
@aaronjudd when do you expect to push 0.12?
Aaron Judd
Feb 06 2016 18:11
@mondrus should have a PR ready to merge v0.12 into development by monday. shooting for a release the following Tuesday (unless everything is 100% after the merge)
Paul Savignano
Feb 06 2016 20:26

Hi everyone, I am adding quantity inputs to the child variants and would like to know the preferred way to loop through these child variant quantities and add them to the cart in the add-to-cart event.

I've added myProductDetail.html and .js to the roots client directory and extended the template with Template.myProductDetail.replaces.

I believe I need to change the "if (productId)" on line 158 of productDetail.js to a loop and iterate over each child variant. If the quantity is greater than zero,'cart/addToCart').

Is this the preferred way to accomplish this?