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Feb 2016
Israel Ortiz
Feb 13 2016 00:09
Im trying to install the new version of reaction, i get this error on the console
'Error: EACCES, mkdir '/Users/nubestra/.meteor/packages/reactioncommerce_reaction-paymentmethod/.build836518..0.0.2.mnm91n++os+web.browser+web.cordova' ' screen prints this error
Israel Ortiz
Feb 13 2016 00:43
Israel Ortiz
Feb 13 2016 01:57
other problem i always have is this Uncaught ReferenceError: analytics is not defined 5cfs_upload-http.js:138 The provided value 'undefined' is not a valid enum value of type XMLHttpRequestResponseType. i have problems setting up google analytics
Aaron Judd
Feb 13 2016 02:23
@nubestra haven’t seen that.. if you create an issue that’d be great. the analytics package hasn’t been reviewed in a while and probably needs to be brought current
Feb 13 2016 03:22
Hello. I installed reaction on my server and the inventory tab is not showing. When I go to /dashboard/inventory I get an error Couldn't find a template named "dashboardInventory" or "dashboardInventory". Are you sure you defined it?
Mike Murray
Feb 13 2016 03:28
@Aesop7 permissions are created automatically per registery entry. Go to the Dashboard > Accounts > Manage (on a user) you should see the permission for mylink there
Brent Hoover
Feb 13 2016 04:13
@IliaIdakiev What branch are you working on?
Feb 13 2016 11:54
Hello everyone, i'm new new to this project. First i would like to thank all of you for this great, amazing and promising project. I would like to contribute to it, but i'm still new to the whole concept of contributing to open source project :)
I have decided to start with something simple and useful so i went and checked the language support for reaction. I was pleased to Arabic there, so thank for supporting that from the beginning. i have noticed that i can improve the translation and also add the missing part (i have compared the arabic and the english translation as a reference) so before going forward and doing a pull request i just wanted to check if what i will do is correct:
  • I branch from development (any guidelines on the branch name?).
  • I will enhance the existing translation.
  • I will also translate the missing ones (like "app", "shopSettings", ...).
  • commit the changes to my branch.
  • do a pull request to development branch.
    can anyone please confirm that what i will do is correct and i'm not missing anything. Looking forward into working with you guys and i hope my contribution will be useful and helpful.
Brent Hoover
Feb 13 2016 12:49
@saad91 Welcome. Yes you have the general process correct. I normally do myname-issue_number-short_description for branch names, but any branch name will work. It’s really more important to have a good description in the PR. You should also check it follows the PR requirements here: We review PR’s every Monday afternoon around 5pm PST (9am PHT for me)
Feb 13 2016 13:22
Excellent, all clear.