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Feb 2016
Tobias Nentwig
Feb 28 2016 13:56
No idea prinzdezibel, sorry. But you seem to be pretty far in your experience with reactioncommerce. Do you know how I can generate testorders by skipping payment?
Brent Hoover
Feb 28 2016 14:06
@nenti If you use the generic payment method you can place test orders
Just use 4242424242424242 as the credit card number (or any number that will pass a MOD10 check)
Spencer Norman
Feb 28 2016 17:02
@newsiberian - yeah I could get the variant data w/ variantId, but before we were mutating the variant data as it got added to the cart
Feb 28 2016 17:24
@spencern, I see now... I like an idea to create new product type
Tobias Nentwig
Feb 28 2016 18:36
@zenweasel Thank you! That was easy.