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Apr 2016
Apr 01 2016 07:23
how to install custom theme
Brent Hoover
Apr 01 2016 07:36
@selvagee Is that what you were talking about?
Lukas Sägesser
Apr 01 2016 19:20

How do I create a route that displays the same page as / by default?
I tried the following, but the page is just empty white.

{ route: "/products", name: "productsPage", template: "coreLayout", workflow: "coreProductWorkflow" },

And I couldn't find out where the default / route is defined...
Lukas Sägesser
Apr 01 2016 19:36
And how can I properly override route "" to go to a custom layout of mine? I mean http://localhost:3000 with no / at the end.
Yes it makes a difference :)
xiaoc li
Apr 01 2016 23:02
@ScyDev default router is defined in packages/reaction-router/common/init.js. For the root route, it renders pages by calling ReactionLayout().
It may not recommended
be recommended to change the default logic, and I just replaced them with extended helper.