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Apr 2016
Owen Hoskins
Apr 09 2016 15:17
@aaronjudd :sparkles: got meteor-one-three running just fine, ty ty! I had to wrangle some NPM dependencies around the react-color picker (just removed it in the end) in order to use react 15.0.0. @mikemurray: probably aware of this already, but the update to the .jsx files seem simple, class Button extends React.Componentbecomes export default class Button extends React.Component, with removes the need for ReactionUI.Components.Buttonby importing import Button from './button.jsx'; in button.js. All very very exciting!
Aaron Judd
Apr 09 2016 15:20
@owenhoskins awesome. Doing some cleanup now, struggling to get autonumeric to work on the orders page. I’ll take a look at the react-color-picker now as well