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Apr 2016
Apr 21 2016 11:37

can anyone tell me how to use yogiben : admin dashboard with meteor angular-template....because i am getting this error while running it on browser

You need to define an AdminConfig object to use the admin dashboard.
A basic config to manage the 'Posts' and 'Comments' collection would look like this:
AdminConfig = {
adminEmails: [''],
Posts: {},
Comments: {}

where do I need to make thig config, i have run "meteor create myapp"..thats it. so where do i need to mention this config
Brent Hoover
Apr 21 2016 12:02
This is an issue you are having with Reaction Commerce?
Apr 21 2016 13:09
@zenweasel sorry wrong window
Brent Hoover
Apr 21 2016 13:10
@shashankp250 No worries
Marc Wensauer
Apr 21 2016 14:53
which version of meteor is supported ?
oh i see 1.3.1
Apr 21 2016 17:47
Got the error "FATAL ERROR: Evacuation Allocation failed - process out of memory" with dev v13. Never happened before with v12 and meteor 1.2.
Aaron Judd
Apr 21 2016 18:07
@hrath2015 haven’t seen that.. any steps to replicate?
Apr 21 2016 18:16
It is on windows 7. I generally keep instance running once start, some time 2 -3 days. Did a restart now. will keep an eye on it. No specific steps. Thanks.
Apr 21 2016 18:41
can anyone tell me things need to know before using reaction commerce as developer ?
Mike Murray
Apr 21 2016 20:22

@shatis1005 Our docs ( is a good place to start.

Further reading

Brent Hoover
Apr 21 2016 22:15
I also have a WIP document that I am working that describes what Meteor concepts you need to know depending on what you are trying to accomplish