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Apr 2016
Apr 22 2016 00:54 UTC
Anyone know how to fix this error?
"ERROR: Mongo not installed inside container. Rebuild with INSTALL_MONGO=true " In do I change it from "false" to "true".
if [ "${INSTALL_MONGO}" = "false" ];
Aaron Judd
Apr 22 2016 01:15 UTC
that’s an ENV variable that should be provided to the container, or you pass in the MONGO_URL for an existing MongoDB installation
Brent Hoover
Apr 22 2016 01:16 UTC
@mikemurray I think we’d want to point them to the 1.3 version of the Guide?
Mike Murray
Apr 22 2016 02:45 UTC
@zenweasel yea
Apr 22 2016 13:37 UTC
Does at reaction/bin/docker/ do the mongodb install inside the container? Sorry for such noob questions.
Apr 22 2016 19:49 UTC
@mikemurray @zenweasel thnks
Jonathan Picazo
Apr 22 2016 19:49 UTC
Is there any mention of when the next update that supports 1.3 will be out?
Mike Murray
Apr 22 2016 20:03 UTC

@bunster The current development branch is using Meteor 1.3; however, were making some pretty big changes due to the new module changes for a reaction v0.13 release. This release should be landing around May 4th.

the numbered releases at the bottom

Anthony Young
Apr 22 2016 22:39 UTC
Hey all
This project looks awesome
Sara Hicks
Apr 22 2016 23:36 UTC
@ayoungh thanks! 👍
Jonathan Picazo
Apr 22 2016 23:41 UTC
@mikemurray Cheers :+1: - added the repo to my watchlist.