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May 2016
xiaoc li
May 04 2016 06:54
Tracker is one option. What I have used in my project is ReactiveDic along with helpers
It's more useful when you wanna update the page automatically
Lukas Sägesser
May 04 2016 07:57

@erendira Look at how I did it with and

I've implemented a search for location and date, which reactively filters a grid, list or map view of products.

Sangram deshmukh
May 04 2016 11:57
hello everyone I am Sangram from india. i have one issue regarding the dashboard error it showing me page not found how to fix that reaction commerce problem
May 04 2016 12:18
what error r u getting? Screen shot?
Lukas Sägesser
May 04 2016 12:54
Is there a reCaptcha anywhere in Reaction? Suddenly my Testserver says "We've detected some unusual traffic from your IP address.
Help us to filter you from the rest." "ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key"
I have not included a capctha package anywhere.
Paul Grever
May 04 2016 16:27
Hi All, I am writing a package that holds our static pages (about, privacy etc.) I am having trouble as the default settings require login from a package. I have been playing around with audience and permissions but I know I am just missing something easy. Any help to get these public?
  label: 'Getoutfitted Static Pages',
  name: 'getoutfitted-static-pages',
  icon: 'fa fa-file-text',
  autoEnable: false,
  registry: [{
    // route: '/dashboard/staticPages',
    provides: 'dashboard',
    // name: 'staticPages',
    label: 'Static Pages',
    description: 'Getoutfitted\'s Static Pages',
    container: 'getoutfitted',
    icon: 'fa fa-file-text',
    // template: 'staticPagesDashboard',
    workflow: 'coreWorkflow',
    priority: 2
  }, {
    route: '/dashboard/staticPages/settings',
    provides: 'settings',
    label: 'Getoutfitted Static Pages',
    name: 'staticPagesSettings',
    template: 'staticPagesSettings'
  }, {
    route: '/about',
    name: 'getoutfittedAbout',
    template: 'getoutfittedAbout',
    workflow: 'goPagesWorkflow'
    // permissions: [{label: 'guest', permission: 'guest'}],
  layout: [{
    workflow: 'goPagesWorkflow',
    layout: 'coreLayout',
    //audience: ["guest", "anonymous"]
    theme: 'default',
    enabled: true,
    structure: {
      template: 'getoutfittedAbout',
      layoutHeader: 'layoutHeader',
      layoutFooter: 'layoutFooter',
      notFound: 'notFound',
      dashboardHeader: '',
      dashboardControls: '',
      dashboardHeaderControls: '',
      adminControlsFooter: ''
  }, {
    template: "getoutfittedAbout",
    label: "About",
    workflow: "goPagesWorkflow",
    audience: ["guest", "anonymous"]
Aaron Judd
May 04 2016 21:49
@ScyDev that’s a new one for me.. no reCaptcha in RC.