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May 2016
Aleksei Mironov
May 10 2016 08:24
@aaronjudd Thanks for the response! We'll dig into it more
xiaoc li
May 10 2016 10:48
This message was deleted
Hello, can anybody explain this error when I insert products ?
xiaoc li
May 10 2016 10:54
Does that mean I failed to attach my schema, or I got a wrong field name somewhere?
Spencer Norman
May 10 2016 14:24

@brianxcli that does look like your schema isn’t attached. You can check to see what schema’s are attached to a collection by using Collection._c2._simpleSchema

e.g. ReactionCore.Collections.Orders._c2._simpleSchema

If you are modifying the Products collection, you will need to check against the correct selector schema and it will be one of the schemas inside the ReactionCore.Collections.Products._c2._simpleSchemasarray.

May 10 2016 21:00
hi everyone, just tried out the framework - loving it - looking forward to use it for our ecommerce shop
Sara Hicks
May 10 2016 21:19
@albertpak thanks! 👍
xiaoc li
May 10 2016 22:43
@spencern Yes, you are right. I didn't care about the dependency and attached schema before I defined it, thanks!