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May 2016
Brent Hoover
May 11 2016 06:17

I am writing a bunch of docs/tutorials and was putting together an outline of what I should cover. Here is what I have so far (not written, but what should be written)

Using Custom Styles

Using Custom Layouts

Customizing Templates

Adding Fixtures

Adding Custom Page/Routes

Customizing The Checkout Workflow

Customizing Other Workflows

Customizing Schemas

Adding Custom Hooks

Creating a Custom Payment Provider

Anything I am missing?

Most of this is covered in the docs, but these will be more step-by-step tutorials
xiaoc li
May 11 2016 06:46
Do I need publication and subscription when I use to get data from Mongo?
I mean get data on the client side
Michael Jenny
May 11 2016 06:56
@brianxcli: I think Meteor call is mostly unrelated to working with data from mongo db on client side.
use pub/sub for that
xiaoc li
May 11 2016 07:02
@prinzdezibel well I don't think so. I don't want reactive design in one part of my site.
@prinzdezibel I've found the answer.
@prinzdezibel The result is in the 2nd argument of the callback function, rather than returned by
Michael Jenny
May 11 2016 07:05
@brianxcli Ok, that makes sense. Because I've greped all in RC and none has a return value.
And: you may look at a talk I've seen regarding They have devoloped a package what they call non-reactive rendering. Should be open source..
xiaoc li
May 11 2016 07:08
@prinzdezibel Thanks, I will.
Spencer Norman
May 11 2016 18:06
@aaronjudd what’s the difference between defaultVisitorRoles and defaultRoles
Michael Jenny
May 11 2016 20:35
defaultRoles are for loggedInUsers. defaultVisitorRoles gor anonymous , if I recall correctly
Spencer Norman
May 11 2016 20:36
ok - thanks @prinzdezibel
Aaron Judd
May 11 2016 22:53
@brianxcli see: {reactive: false} in