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May 2016
May 14 2016 00:15
@mikemurray are you around? I'm having difficulty styling the dropdown-toggle.
I'm able to to change the :hover, but that button's background also changes when the cursor hovers over the actual dropdown form... I don't see any changes to the DOM. Is it a react thing?
Karega McCoy
May 14 2016 01:56
@Aesop7 I thought reaction commerce used blaze.
May 14 2016 01:57
Mostly yeah, but they're slowly migrating a lot of the core UI stuff to React
I'm pretty sure there's a github thread on it
Karega McCoy
May 14 2016 02:03
@Aesop7 is there a thread on adding content types?
May 14 2016 03:22
@karega this is what I was thinking of - reactioncommerce/reaction#990
Brent Hoover
May 14 2016 04:04
@karega What do you mean by adding content types?
Mike Murray
May 14 2016 04:08
@Aesop7 I'm here
Mauro Perez
May 14 2016 14:47

Hello! I am trying to deploy reaction to heroku using this guide:

Everything almost worked perfectly, but I'm getting this message over and over in the heroku logs...

"INFO Reaction: No shopId, waiting one second..."

...just before heroku fails with this log "Error R10 (Boot timeout) -> Web process failed to bind to $PORT within 60 seconds of launch"

Any help would be greatly appreciated

May 14 2016 16:18
@mikemurray Sorry we missed you. We've been trying to change some functionality on the login dropdown. Currently when click on the dropdown button, and then hover the cursor over the body of the login form, the dropdown button that you clcked on changes its background color
we could not figure out a way to change that background color in the CSS
is it being don in React somewhere?
Karega McCoy
May 14 2016 16:35
@zenweasel well a catalog is more than just products and categories. skus, product bundles, configurable skus.