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May 2016
xiaoc li
May 15 2016 00:39
@zenweasel I tried deploying the original reaction code to my public server, but it still takes 21s for the first loading. Has anybody observed the first loading? Mine is one 900kb load which takes 19s. But later accesses to the site are much better, with only 4s most. Have you heard anything about deploying to ubuntu OS running in VMWare?
Mike Murray
May 15 2016 00:40
@Aesop7 its not react, and it should be located in the reaction-accounts package.
Brent Hoover
May 15 2016 00:41
@brianxcli Not specifically, we don’t really track what OS/virtualization platform people are using
I would think Ubuntu would be a common choice but VMWare? Not so much
But I have not seen anybody else having that issue with a 20 second load time
900k seems like a big payload but that still doesn’t take 20 seconds to transfer. When I looked at the timeline for your site, 90% of time was waiting, not downloading
Brent Hoover
May 15 2016 00:46
Brent Hoover
May 15 2016 00:48
@brianxcli and running on my laptop (where bandwidth is not an issue) even in development mode, the site loads in less than a second
also this site ( runing on a virtuallized server loads in under 2 seconds for me. It is also running stock Reaction
May 15 2016 19:37
thanks @mikemurray
I tried setting @navbar-default-bg and @navbar-default-toggle-icon-bar-bg but did not have any success
I took the following screenshot to try to explain what we're trying to change a little more:
worst case scenario, we can overwrite the template and change it with inline CSS, but it seems like overkill
Mike Murray
May 15 2016 22:07

@Aesop7 you shound be able to add your own CSS / LESS file to override that stuff. You'd just need to make sure your rules are loaded after and are specific enough. That CSS file can live in a package, or at the app level.

Otherwise, could you add a ticket for this? You're not the only one having difficulty overrding variables. There tweaks we should be able to make on our end to resolve this.