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May 2016
Owen Hoskins
May 20 2016 07:10
@zenweasel :thumbsup: I've had to piece together these steps for my past customizations -- great to have it formalized into a walkthrough!
Andre Lee
May 20 2016 07:32

Hi all, I just created a PR (about i18n) few hours ago. But actually, what I want is to create a i18n file, zh-TW, which is Traditional Chinese (Taiwan version) for all of the people who need it. Do you have a formal process for i18n?

I used a online service ( ) to help me track and remove the outdated i18n strings (based on en.json, development branch) this time.

Mike Murray
May 20 2016 15:12

@andretw basically, make a copy of en.json for the language you want to support, include it appropriately, and add your translations.

If you add new keys, be sure to add them to en.json as it is the fallback for incomplete languages.