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May 2016
Brent Hoover
May 30 2016 02:55
It’s not something we currently support, no. Of course it can be done and we’d accept a PR. ;)
May 30 2016 05:40
A question, my shop keeps adding "BASIC REACTION PRODUCT for $12.99". I remove it and it comes back again after some time.
Brent Hoover
May 30 2016 05:40
You should remove the reaction-sampledata pacakge
May 30 2016 05:41
I see ok
is there any package for search function, to search for products?
Brent Hoover
May 30 2016 05:54
not currently, no. Work is underway
I think there may be some community packages, not sure
Owen Hoskins
May 30 2016 09:56
@zenweasel Might you have a moment to offer some docker advice? I am running through tutorial. The docker run command doesn't seem to fail but on running docker ps -ait looks like the container was Created and then Stopped simultaneously.
Owen Hoskins
May 30 2016 10:23
@zenweasel: Looks like my mlab mongodb is inaccessible at the url I specified. Giving it a shot with
Owen Hoskins
May 30 2016 10:36
@zenweasel Mongodb with is working for me! (No idea what is up with my mlab..)
May 30 2016 12:54
hello friends
anyone online ?
can anyone tell me how to know flow of user data and others in reaction-commerce ?
Thanks in advance
May 30 2016 13:02
I am facing this error while running bin/ in windows
/c/Users/JaylemChaudhary/AppData/Local/.meteor/meteor: line 2: 8408 Segmentation fault cmd //c "$0.bat" "$@"
Is any one here who help on that
May 30 2016 13:23
@zenweasel how do i remove reaction-sample-data, can I remove a reference to it? in which file?
Owen Hoskins
May 30 2016 13:24
@motoxuz_twitter in the .meteor/packages file
May 30 2016 13:29
i see
Valery Orloff
May 30 2016 15:51
Hi guys, how to programatically create variant??
this info
seems, contains an error
i do ("products/createVariant", productId, function(error, variantId) {
don't return variantId, how to?
Aaron Judd
May 30 2016 18:09
@valorloff that should work, what’s the error? (we use this whenever you add a new variant, so it’s regularly used)
@developergrizzly not sure about all the tricks needed to get bash commands working on windows, but mainly it’s doing a “git pull”.
@deepakpahadua sure, what’s the question?
May 30 2016 19:06
@developergrizzly I would recommend to stick to command line. U will be in better control .
Ryan Watts
May 30 2016 22:49
Is it possible to use reaction with a separate application such as Orionjs ?
for CMS Management