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Jun 2016
Owen Hoskins
Jun 02 2016 06:52
@zenweasel Hey Brent, I've been testing out the Replace schema method in the Customization tutorial. Not sure why but it doesn't seem to be replacing as I'd expect. Do you know a way to test a schema short of triggering methods and watching the server console for errors?
I've duplicated the tags.js file into my custom package, added it with api.addFiles("common/schemas/tags.js", ["client", "server"]);, and below the schema included this line ReactionCore.Collections.Tags.attachSchema(ReactionCore.Schemas.Tags, {replace: true});.
Aaron Judd
Jun 02 2016 22:01
@owenhoskins re: DO error, you could work around that by publishing the image you built locally, and then just deploying with
@rwatts3 currently Reaction is comprised of a super lightweight app layer, and a bunch of packages. You could add those packages to another Meteor app, or create custom packages,etc. for custom package that handles your events, you could build a meteor package. see: . See for some examples of working with the schema
Aaron Judd
Jun 02 2016 22:07
@owenhoskins re: debugging schema: see: