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Jun 2016
Jun 04 2016 03:02
ahh. anybody else having problems with mupx deployments?
Valery Orloff
Jun 04 2016 05:48
this email founded in many many files, for example:
./packages/reaction-logger/package.json:5: "author": "Reaction Commerce",
./docker/ Reaction Commerce
Valery Orloff
Jun 04 2016 10:17
how to update RC to latest? meteor npm update enough?
@wytanj any problems with mupx deployment, everything goes on smoothly..
there may be problems with authorization.key only, in permissions part
Jun 04 2016 10:22
so i have it successfully ddeployed, but mupx logs show the graphicsmagick issue
also, it seems to be slow! im on digitalocean and server is in my city even
Valery Orloff
Jun 04 2016 11:58
@wytanj type here 'graphicsmagick issue' errors, maybe, competent guys will help you
Spencer Norman
Jun 04 2016 22:04
I’ve tried mup and mupx deployments and never had enough patience or docker knowledge to get them working
oldschool scp tarball uploads works for me